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Markus Lange





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Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Institute for mathematics
Lehrstuhl Mathematische Physik

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
D-07743 Jena

Research interests

  • Groundstates and spectral properties of non-relativistic QED and related models
  • Spectral analysis for random Schroedinger operators
  • Random matrix theory

Master thesis

"Skalentransformationen in allgemein kovarianten Quantenfeldtheorien"


On Asymptotic Expansions in Spin Boson Models (arXiv)
(joint work with Dr. Gerhard Bräunlich and Prof Dr. David Hasler)

Renormalization Analysis for Degenerate Ground States (arXiv)
(joint work with Prof Dr. David Hasler)


Current position
  • research assistant (Ph.D. student in mathematics), Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
  • substitute representative of PhD-students on the institutional board of the Institute of mathematics, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Former position
  • Master of Science in Mathematics with minor field physics, Westfaelische Wilhelms-University Muenster
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with minor field physics, Westfaelische Wilhelms-University Muenster


March 23, 2017,PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar, Technion - Isreal Institut of Technology "Renormalization Analysis for Degenerate Eigenvalues"
March 02, 2017, Analysis Seminar, University Aarhus, Denmark "Renormalization Analysis for Degenerate Eigenvalues"
Februar 11, 2016, Meeting Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics, Bressanone (Italy), "On Asymptotic Expansions for Spin Boson Models"
November 25, 2015, Oberseminar Analysis, Geometrie & Dynamics, University Jena, "On Asymptotic Expansions for Spin Boson Models"
July 24, 2015, Young Researchers Symposium, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, "Spectral properties of perturbed Schroedinger operators in non-relativisitic quantum electrodynamics"
July 22, 2014, Summer School Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Stochastic, Heidelberg University, "Ground State Properties in non-relativistic QED"
June 30, 2014, PhD seminar for mathematicians, University Jena, "The model of quantum electrodynamics"
February 25, 2014, Annual Meeting GRK1523 'Quantum and Gravitational Fields', Schloss Oppurg, "Kramers Degeneracy Theorem in Nonrelativisitic QED"


August 30, 2016,Frontiers in Mathematical Physics. In honour of Barry Simon's 70th birthday, University Montréal, "Renormalization Analysis for degenerate eigenvalues"
July 28, 2015, ICMP XVIII, Santiago de Chile, "Renormalization Analysis for degenerate eigenvalues"

(Co)-Organised scientific meetings

One Day Workshop New Directions in Mathematical Physics and beyond, Wednesday January 14th 2015 (organized by Gerhard Bräunlich, Matthias Keller, Markus Lange and Marcel Schmidt)

PhD-Symposium during the Meeting 'Mathematical Physics in Jena' (organized by Markus Lange and Marcel Schmidt)

Research funding

Member of the GRK1523 'Quantum and Gravitational Fields', funded by the DFG

Frontiers in Mathematical Physics. In honour of Barry Simon's 70th birthday, University Montréal, Montréal, Canada; funded by the DAAD, additional funding for local costs by the centre de recherches mathématiques

A Young Researcher Symposium on the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of Barry Simon, Fields Institut, Toronto, Canada; local costs funded by the Fields Institut

Workshop des Graduiertenkollegs 1838, University Stuttgart, in Freudenstadt, local costs funded by the Graduiertenkolleg 1838

Fall School '2014 Dirichlet forms, Operator theory and mathematical physics', Zarzis, Tunesia, funded by the DAAD

Quantum Mathematical Physics - A Bridge between Mathematics and Physics', University Regensburg, local costs and travel expanses partially funded by 'Regensburger Universitäts Stiftung Hans Vielberth' and Leopoldina (Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften)

Summer School 'Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Stochastic', Heidelberg University, local costs funded by University Heidelberg and IAMP


SoSe 17 Teaching Assistant "Analysis II LG"

WiSe 16/17 Teaching Assistant "Analysis III" (B.Sc. Mathematik, Wirtschaftsmathematik, Physik)